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Serving communities from Southport to Maghull, Appley Bridge, Skelmersdale and Orrell, this much needed cemetery and crematorium provides a peaceful and serene setting for any funeral.

The crematorium is expected to hold just 3 to 4 funerals per day, removing the usual pressure on time that can be experienced elsewhere. We allow 45 minutes between each service to ensure that every family has enough time to hold a personal, dignified event. Additional time can also be booked if required. This allows for people to be settled inside and then to leave unhurried.

The floral tribute area is set away from the chapel, offering a quiet spot to gather with friends and family with the views of the Lancashire countryside beyond.

Both traditional and lawn sections have been laid out within the cemetery providing a choice between those who want a more ornate, full sized memorial and those who want the simpler lines of headstones that characterise a lawn cemetery. An area has also been set aside for those of Roman Catholic Faith. In time, a woodland burial will be developed too so that the bereaved have a full choice of options close to home.

We feel it is essential that you are able to hold the funeral of your choice and our chapel has been designed to cater for people of all beliefs and faiths.

We have a modern digital music system that can provide almost any music choice that is requested. Click here for further information and our current music library:  http://www.wesleymedia.co.uk

We also offer webcasting of your service, as well as DVD or audio recording of the service. For more info see 'Personalising your funeral'. The chapel can be adapted to provide a fitting environment for any choice of funeral, regardless of faith or religion. 

Our chapel is also fitted with a Tribute screen which allows photographs of the deceased to be displayed during the service, often to accompany a selection of music.

We aim to provide everything that you need and would be pleased to discuss any of these options with you to ensure that every detail is right for your service.


1. Cemetery Memorial Information

Traditional Section


Lawn Section

LAWN GRAVE HEADSTONE & BASE 2’6” or 3’ max height

Lawn Grave


IMPORTANT INFORMATION for a new grave owner

Permitted memorial options for the type of grave selected

Lawn graves permit a headstone, base and 30” kerb only - traditional memorials permit a full kerb memorial that covers the 6’6” x 2’6” grave space.

Care of the grave after immediately after the burial

It is normal for the grave to settle soon after the burial, more so in wet conditions. The grave will be topped up by the cemetery as soon as possible using heavy soil.

Future care of the grave

No fencing around lawn graves is permitted. Trees are not to be planted within or around the grave. When the grave has settled, normally after 9-12 months the cemetery will topsoil and seed the plot. Christmas wreaths will be removed and disposed of during the last week of January. A Cemetery Officer may remove and dispose of any wreaths or cut flowers which detract from the appearance of the Cemetery. Full information about care of graves is provided in the Cemetery Rules and Regulations.

Floral tributes & personal items

The cemetery will remove floral tributes following a burial normally after 14 days or sooner if their condition detracts from the general appearance. The cemetery cannot take responsibility for the safe keeping of any items left on the grave space.

Grave Exclusive Rights of Burial - lease period

The length of lease granted for cemetery grave plots at West Lancashire Crematorium is 50 years. This can be topped up after 25 years or renewed when expired. The deed to the plot will normally be sent to the owner within 10 working days.

Rules and Regulations

A complete copy of the Cemetery Rules and Regulations will be provided to each new grave owner. These will provide comprehensive information about all aspects of the cemetery and crematorium.

Grave positioning

We will endeavour to dig the position and depth that has been selected for burial. Unfortunately sometimes due to circumstances beyond our control such as ground conditions or collapses we may have to move the grave position or reduce the depth. If we are required to change positions we will try to locate this in the closest location to the original position.

The cemetery reserve the right to add additional positions or change the layout/numbering of a section should the need be required.